Still waiting for the 3000 year old text, but not disappointed with the faction story. Ironically, I wanted to read something other than technical reports and journals. Some type of enjoyable eye-opening novel – fiction/non-fiction. Then I got an opportunity at a cost with reasonable publishing expenses for what was being offered. The book-binding is not very good, but the paper and ink quality is excellent. Binding needs a better book spine.

I actually see a parallel with the story’s characters in my life with significant others. Now I’m waiting to get your decoder, but I think I really understand what the faction story is revealing. Are we really ready? The story made me laugh, cry, and become physically nauseated. There were times that I needed to stop reading because of the impact of truths known; and other times when I could not wait to continue reading. I felt a physical metamorphous occur and I’m ready to explore the wonders that my life is meant to be – provide these values to society.

In just two weeks I realize my attitude has changed and now know there is hope for mankind. This book has helped me cope with the crimes of corruption against me, my spouse, and our business. Looking at the negative reviews; the claims of scams as related to Mark Hamilton; and, Neothink members’ points of view, I feel compelled to contact Neothink. Your marketing does need revisions – reveal the illusions. Where is the 3000 year old text? I’m an anthropologist and had false expectations for the value that was delivered. Keeping an opened mind and reading through the material I know the value of honesty and pure love. It is through each other that we keep in check – reveal the illusions. No man is an island.

My life was not stagnating and my story could be several novels. My essence is not understood by most. I have been told by family and friends that I walk to a different tune. Now I know I’m not alone and continue to thirst for a gatekeeper, mentors, and knowledge. I am a value producer and creator. I have been asked to run for a political office, but refused because of my inner being. I cannot be all I am meant to be in anti-civilization, not alone. I am ready to explore Neothink without false promises or illusions. Mankind must change our thought processes for the salvation of us and Mother Earth.

I look forward to exploring more of this adventure.